Month: October 2020

Decoding the Change Cycle

Today I want to help you really understand the process that your brain goes through called the change cycle.  I find that any time you can identify behaviors and thought patterns that you have and understand that they’re really normal, it’s comforting.  You understand that nothing is wrong with you, you just need more information.

woman with weights

Easy Weight Loss

Everyone wants easy weight loss. I get it. But this is what’s leading to your suffering! It’s important to understand that the idea of easy weight loss is an irrational thought. I know that you’ve been promised easy weight loss and fast weight loss a million times over and I want to explain why you see a lot of that language out there.

What We Should Really Fear

What do you do when you have so much fear?  You push it aside.  You make it okay.  You pretend it isn’t there. Because it’s so painful to really address what you’re thinking and feeling and what might have to change if you were to accept it.  You’d rather just sit in the fear itself.

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