3 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Diet Regardless of the Circumstance

Today we’re talking about three ways to stay focused on your diet regardless of the circumstance.  I think the end of that sentence is important- regardless of the circumstance.  We’re going to talk about ways you can stay focused that doesn’t require life going smoothly. 

I realize that life is extremely unusual right now.  But we can still make the best choices within our current situation.  We can all agree that eating poorly, overindulging, and not exercising is certainly not making anything better.  I totally get that it’s hard to focus right now and stay on track when there are so many opportunities for distraction.  Have no fear, my love!  The three strategies I’m sharing today are going to change your life even if you only implement one of them.

#1 Daily Visualization

I mean daily.  When I started my weight loss journey 7 or 8 years ago, I would finish my workout on the Stairmaster.  When I was climbing those stairs, because it is so miserable, I would listen to death metal and gangster rap and visualize the woman I was going to be.  She wore a specific type of legging and she looked a certain way.  I would play a vision of myself as this woman over and over in my head.

I would try to experience my life as her.  I would play out stories about where she was going, what she would do, how she would walk, how her butt would move and how her ponytail would flip.  I was able to do this because I had time while I was on the Stairmaster a few times a week.  I would go to this place in my brain to trick myself that the time was going faster. 

I wasn’t aware at that time that I was doubling or tripling my chance of success by doing this.  I was just trying to make the cardio more pleasant.  But what I was actually doing was giving my brain a path and a vision. 

Because I did it consistently over a long period of time, my brain was able to hold the vision of who I wanted to be.  It felt so real and so tangible that it made it mandatory.

 So, any time I had the opportunity to make a choice that wasn’t aligned with that vision, my brain would remind me about who I really wanted to be.  I was able to make the right choice more often.  Notice I didn’t say all of the time.  The game is consistency.  Not consistently perfect.  Just making the right choices more often than not.  And that’s so much easier to do when you have this sexy delicious vision of who it is you want to be.

Another thing I didn’t realize I was doing at the time was attaching a habit to a habit.  I attached the habit of visualization to the habit of doing the Stairmaster.   What are you currently doing that you can attach visualization to?  What I loved about the Stairmaster is that I was able to do the visualization exercise for longer periods of time. If you’re just sitting there sometimes it’s hard to stay focused.  The more you can stay focused the more potent your visual will become.  Doing it for one minute is better than nothing, but the fact that I was visualizing for 15 to 20 minutes at a time increased my chances of success.  If you have a habit that you can attach visualization to that last longer than a minute or two, that’s what I recommend.

#2 Constantly Refute the Lies You Tell Yourself

I can’t reiterate this enough! Your mind knows the lies you’re telling yourself that cause you to give up.  It triggers the lie because it doesn’t want to do the hard things The mind is scared of change. 

It feels safer when things stay the same even though where you’re at right now might be scarier than making a change.

The lies we tell ourselves are like a broken record.  And the longer you’ve been telling yourself these stories, the more ingrained the thought pattern is inside your brain.  I like to think about myself as several different people.  Even though I’m sober sometimes I really feel like having a drink.  I know I don’t want one, but it’s years of that broken record coming back wanting me to give in. 

When I have those thoughts come back, I have another personality inside my head that’s like a lawyer.  This lawyer will prove me wrong over and over again.  She says things like, “you don’t want a drink.  That’s total bullshit and you know it.  You know if you have a drink, you’ll regret it and feel like shit tomorrow.  You always make better choices pinterestwhen you’re sober.  So, you and I both know that you’re just saying you want a drink because you think that’s what you’re supposed to say.”  This other personality helps me speak the truth to myself in weak moments.

The truth is for you, you are a more fun, vivacious, loving woman when you’re making healthy choices.  You and I both know it.  The next time you want to give in, pull out that inner lawyer and prove yourself wrong.

#3 Prepare for Your Known Obstacles

I know I’m going to say things like, “I really want a drink”.  So, I told my husband to remind me that I don’t when I say those things.  That’s preparing for an obstacle that will occur.

For you maybe an obstacle is time. I often here women say, “time got away from me”. If you’re telling yourself that lie, you’ve got to figure out a way to make working out matter to you.  If you keep skipping the workout it doesn’t really matter to you.  If you believe that it really does matter to you, go back to the first tip and visualize what your life is going to be like when you workout and the results you’ll get.  Odds are you haven’t gotten clear on the benefits of you consistently doing the workout.  That’s why you’re allowing that to be the last thing you make time for, so it doesn’t get done every day.

Look at past experiences.  What keeps happening over and over again?  What are the obstacles?  What are the stories you keep telling yourself?  Think about what you can do to overcome them.  It could be watching inspiring YouTube videos, listening to the Bad Bitches Losing Weight podcast, or writing affirmations about what you want and how it’s possible. 

We can’t rely on motivation all of the time.  What we can do is come up with solutions to our obstacles and implement those solutions.

We can have success any time!  The women I’ve been working with for the past year have had amazing results even with unusual circumstances.  The key is to believe that you can have success.  We know that you are strong, have tenacity and have it in you to make changes.

Which of these strategies are you going to try in order to get yourself focused regardless of the circumstances?  Let me know in the comments!

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