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5 Halloween Sweet Tooth Strategies

Today I’m going to be sharing five Halloween sweet tooth strategies that will get you through Halloween, the rest of the year and, frankly, the rest of your life.  You’re welcome.


pinterestI’m going to have bracelets made with this on them.  It stands for What Would Next Level Me Do?  I swear if you just lived the rest of your life asking yourself how the highest-level version of yourself would act, then you’ll show up as the highest version of yourself. That way you’re acting not from the lowest version of yourself or the former you.  If the highest version of yourself wants to have two Almond Joys let her have them, but by making decisions based on WWNLMD we’re not just reacting and regretting it later.

#2 Create an Allowance Bag

Take a Ziploc bag and choose the candy you want to allow yourself, whether it’s for the day or for the week.  You decide.  And then that is your bag.  It’s a great way to partial out and allow the bag to do the controlling for you.

This is a great beginner strategy.  But ideally, I want you working on the thoughts you have about the candy in the bag.  If we’re putting candy in a bag and limiting ourselves to those pieces, we have a lack mindset.  There’s definitely a belief that this is the reward that we’re ultimately looking to have.  I want you to use this strategy, but also incorporate some mindset work as well.

#3 Affirmations

This will also help you with #2. 

Write the affirmation, “I’m the kind of woman who would never eat more than two fun size candies a day”.  

I love to write affirmation and say affirmations as the sassy next-level version of myself that tends to come out a little bit like Moira from Schitt’s Creek. I find it fun. Life is too serious and manifestation stuff is too woo, just make it fun.

Saying things like this isn’t in judgment of others, it’s just a fun way to play in the energy of this kind of woman.  Someone who never in a million years would eat more than two fun size candy bars.  If you write the affirmations coming from a playful place, not a shameful place it’s quite effective.

grab the grocery list

But, like anything else, with exercise or mindset work you have to do it every single day.  If you haven’t already incorporated an affirmation plan, then I recommend you set an alarm on your phone and wake up a little bit early every morning.  When you wake up, free write in your journal and then create some affirmations or have an affirmation sheet ready to go.  Create affirmations that you want to start thinking and then write them every single day.  And then, remember them throughout the day.

When it comes time to put your money where your mouth is and you do have two packages of fun size M&Ms in front of you, you eat those, and you’re done.  Because you remember that you’re the kind of woman who would never eat more than two fun size candies a day.

I do want to mention that it is unrealistic to expect an affirmation to be the only thought you have on the subject. 

Even if you have this affirmation it’s normal to have a craving or an urge to eat more than two candies.  It’s normal to have thoughts that aren’t necessarily aligned with perfection.

But what we’re trying to do is have more of the next-level thoughts that will crowd out the other thoughts until you get to the point to where you only very sporadically have those other thoughts.  For example, maybe you believe that when you get your period you always crave chocolate.  So, when you get your period, you’re not really going to believe that you’re the kind of woman who would never eat more than two fun sized candies.  That’s really normal! 

If it were as easy as writing an affirmation and just thinking it to get a result, then we would all just write down what we want, and it would come to fruition.  It doesn’t work like that.  It takes time.  You can write what you want, and it will come to fruition if you consistently work at it.  But we can’t put a deadline on it!  Don’t set that unrealistic expectation for yourself.  Use the affirmation to inspire you to keep going in the right direction.

#4 Save Your Candy Until After Your Workout

I recently read a study about two groups of people who were asked to workout every day.  One group was given one piece of candy post-workout.  One year after the experiment more people in the group that had gotten the candy continued to workout consistently than the other group.  This means that rewards do create new habits.

Yes, you can reward yourself with a piece of candy after your workout.  And yes, you should live a life in which you get to have piece of candy.  If having candy helps you be more consistent about your workout because your unconscious mind is excited about the candy and wants more that’s totally okay.  I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t have a piece of chocolate every day.  That’s just my standard.  Why not use it to your advantage? 

But remember, your reward is ONE piece.  Because if we have three or four pieces of candy after our workout every day, we may get to the mentality that we can out work a bad diet.  And that’s not the right reason to work out. 

You’re exercising and eating well because you value feeling good and looking your best. 

If you workout and then have four pieces of candy, it’s two conflicting thoughts.  I work out to live well and feel good, but I also like to eat things that I know won’t make me feel so hot.  That means you’re choosing the sweet thing over feeling well. 

Always ask yourself WWNLMD!  We’re always seeking to look and feel really great!  Have your candy after your workout to help create the habit, but only have one to make sure you’re always serving your highest self.

#5 Replace the Candy with a Healthy Alternative

This one is probably going to be the least popular. Normally, I could do this one, but there’s just something so fun about the holiday season.  It’s really nostalgic.  It’s also unreasonable to expect that you never get to have candy.   But if you don’t want to eat the candy because it feels like a gateway drug to you then replace it with something else.

I don’t like to drink because it’s too much drama.  As soon as I drink then the next thing I know I’m having the urge to drink again the next day. I don’t want to deal with that, so I just choose not to drink.  If you’re having thoughts like that then just completely omit the candy.  You can replace it with one of my favorite recipes- a natural Snickers bar.  Take the pit out of a date and in place of the pit put two almonds and enjoy!  It’s super easy and it really does take like a Snickers bar.

What’s your favorite strategy?  Share in the comments!

Life is meant to be lived.  We want to find the balance of enjoying things we want to enjoy but also remembering that the ultimate goal is to look and feel good.

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