Set Goals

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

If you feel like you keep setting goals, but you aren’t able to achieve them, then this five-step IMAGE system will help you out.  It’s my proprietary system created to help you transform from where you are now to where you want to be and, even more importantly, sustain it.  Essentially what it does is close the gap between how you’re showing up and how you want to be showing up.  It will help you create the habits, thoughts, feelings, and actions of the person you want to be.


Love Your Anxiety

When anxiety comes up, instead of fearing it, find out what it can teach you. When you think of anxiety only in negative terms and try to shame and blame it, it will persist. But those who actually heal it give themselves permission to make that shift. They understand that anxiety is only there to teach us something. Ask what you need to learn in that moment. That is the first and biggest shift you can have with your anxiety.

melissa on escalator

3 New Thoughts that Obliterate Any Limiting Beliefs

The bottom line is we are just telling ourselves a web of intricate stories that collectively create our result.  Through ownership we can change our results and live in a different world. We can create whatever we want for our body, our life, our relationships, our career.  It’s all available once you own your power and take control of your thoughts.

Decoding the Change Cycle

Today I want to help you really understand the process that your brain goes through called the change cycle.  I find that any time you can identify behaviors and thought patterns that you have and understand that they’re really normal, it’s comforting.  You understand that nothing is wrong with you, you just need more information.

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Easy Weight Loss

Everyone wants easy weight loss. I get it. But this is what’s leading to your suffering! It’s important to understand that the idea of easy weight loss is an irrational thought. I know that you’ve been promised easy weight loss and fast weight loss a million times over and I want to explain why you see a lot of that language out there.

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