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Easy Weight Loss

Today we’re talking about easy weight loss.  Everyone wants easy weight loss.  I get it.  But this is what’s leading to your suffering!  It’s important to understand that the idea of easy weight loss is an irrational thought.  I know that you’ve been promised easy weight loss and fast weight loss a million times over and I want to explain why you see a lot of that language out there.

There’s a thing called copy writing which is words you see that catch your attention.  Facebook posts, Instagram posts, sales pages, emails, headlines… you name it, it’s all copy writing.  What it’s designed to do is grab your attention by addressing objections you subconsciously have about doing the thing in the first place.

For most people, weight loss does feel really hard.  And they think it’s going to take a long time.  So, in order to address those objections subconsciously, the copy writer will write that it’s fast and easy.  Which makes you think, “I can do that!”  But here’s the problem. 

It’s not fast.  It’s not easy.  And it’s not reasonable to expect it to be. 

But if you think it should be because that’s what you’ve been told, when it isn’t fast or easy you think something is wrong with you.  You think you need to do something different or you don’t get to have the results you want.  But all of this is really irrational and it’s those irrational beliefs that are keeping you from your desired result.

There are three irrational beliefs that leave people feeling really unhappy in life.

#1 Approval

We have unrealistic expectations of ourselves.  Does that ring a bell?

#2 Judgment

We have unrealistic expectations of other people.  That’s a topic for another day!

#3 Comfort

We believe life should be easy and shouldn’t have discomfort or inconvenience.   That’s an unrealistic expectation of life and that’s really the one we’re talking about today.  It makes sense that you have this expectation because all sales copy is written to address your objections.

But it’s really important that you understand your subconscious belief that everything you do should be comfortable which leads you to believe that life should be perfect. 

You believe that everything should be trouble-free.  You lack the ability to cope with any adversity at all.  You reject life’s problems because you feel like you shouldn’t have to deal with those kinds of things.  Which leads to a woe is me attitude, hopelessness, helplessness, getting easily frustrated and annoyed.

That was totally me!  I could not handle stress at all many years ago because, not only did I have unrealistic expectations about being comfortable, I was also really hard on myself.  With both of those combined, I’d be working on something and criticizing myself while also thinking it should be easier.  That was a recipe for disaster!

All of this leads to avoidance because we feel like the situation is too hard.  Or we emotionally eat or drink because we can’t handle the thoughts and the subsequent feelings from those thoughts.  The answer to this is really quite easy!  That’s just accepting the hard things. 

I’ve really done the heavy lifting for you because once you unlock the truth- there’s no such thing as fast or easy weight loss- you are free to believe that it doesn’t have to be easy.

We have to really catch ourselves when we’re having woe is me thoughts and attitudes.  I like to imagine that side of myself is like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Veruca says, “but I want it now, Daddy!”  What would you say back to Veruca?  That’s not the way it works.  So, catch yourself any time you sound like Veruca Salt- it’s bratty, childish, we blame ourselves and the system.  Then remind yourself that it’s supposed to be hard.

Think about it for a second.  Anything that’s easy for you is because you’re good at it already.  A good example is I love to dead lift.  It’s my favorite weightlifting exercise.  But I don’t really like squatting.  Want to guess why?  It’s because I’m really good at dead lifts and not as good at squats.  Here’s the key- we need self-awareness.  If I didn’t understand this, I would just do dead lifts more than squats because I’m good at them.  So, I would continue to get better at dead lifting, but I wouldn’t progress on squats.  Which would only create a greater divide between the two.  Eventually I might get to a point where I never squat again and all I did was dead lift which would lead to complete muscle imbalances.

This applies to everything in life, not just strength training. 

We always avoid the things in life that feel harder because we have the irrational belief that it should be easy. 

pinterestToday I invite you to lean into the hard.  Let it be hard.  Let it be uncomfortable.  Let that be okay. Acknowledge that means you’re growing and doing the work.  Let hard be the new standard!

What hard thing are you working on?  Let me know in the comments!

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