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3 Signs You Are Having an Identity Crisis

Are you having an identity crisis?  Maybe you’re not entirely sure who you are anymore.  Can you relate to any of these warning signs?

Warning Sign #1: You’re Searching for Meaning

Are you trying new things to try to find a purpose?  Maybe you’ve tried a multi-level marketing company because it seemed exciting?  Do you just feel like you’re missing something?  That could be a sign that you’re having an identity crisis.

Or maybe what you’re trying isn’t giving you what you need.  This could look like trying a diet when you don’t really want to lose weight.  What you really want is to leave your husband and start your own business.  This happens a lot! 

I’ve been helping women transform their lives for over seven years now and most women desire something more than just weight loss.

They may also desire to lose weight in order to feel lean, confident and healthy, but losing weight alone doesn’t meet their needs.  Are you a chronic dieter?  Then you could be having an identity crisis.

Warning Sign #2:  You’ve Recently Been Through a Big Change

Nothing rocks you to the core like going through something big and then questioning what that means about you and your life.  If a change has left you reeling then you might be having an identity crisis.

Warning Sign #3: You Feel Inauthentic

Are you saying things or showing up like someone else in order make yourself feel more like that person?  A few months before I started my final weight loss journey, I cut my bangs to look like Reese Witherspoon’s.  I don’t look like Reese Witherspoon and I don’t look good with bangs!  But I wanted to be seen like Reese so I thought getting the bangs would make me feel confident and classy.  It didn’t!

When you find yourself trying on clothes or hair because they look like someone else, they probably aren’t authentically you. 

This might mean you’re having an identity crisis.

But you’re not stuck!  You can change your thoughts and shift your perspective about this identity crisis.  In fact, I don’t think you’re having a crisis at all!  This is an opportunity for you to evolve.  Part of figuring out who you want to be is figuring out what doesn’t work for you.

New Thought #1: I Get to Try New Things!

Think of this time as a clean slate with endless possibilities.

pin itNew Thought #2: I Have a Fresh Start!

One thing that is amazing about stepping into a new identity is that you get to let go of all of the shame, baggage, guilt and the stories you tell yourself about the old you.  None of that applies to your new identity!  You can create new rules for yourself.  You get to decide what’s acceptable and what’s not.

New Thought #3: This is a Chance to Create a New and Improved You!

We all have core traits about us that define who we are.  For me it’s really important for me to be honest and authentic.  That’s part of who I am, but I have many other roles and identities.   I can maintain my core values, while still becoming a new and improved version of myself.

You are constantly changing and evolving.  Take advantage of the time right now to make change. You don’t have to become somebody completely different.  But maybe become You 2.0.  What does it mean to you to be a little bit extra?  What’s important to you?  Crank that up!

If you’re unsure, take this quiz!  It will help you define what’s important to you, what isn’t, your strong suits and your weaknesses.  It will help point you in the right direction of figuring out your new identity.

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